About Me

Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at Colby College. I am an applied mathematician and I enjoy using mathematics to explore and learn about diverse topics in biology and the natural sciences. In much of my research, I develop and use computational methods to study the formation and stability of spatiotemporal patterns. Please see my research and publication pages for more information!

Previously, I was a Krener Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at the University of California Davis. I received my PhD in Applied Mathematics from Brown University, where I worked with Björn Sandstede.

Interests: Contact Information:
- Dynamical Systems sdodson [at] colby [dot] edu
- Mathematical Biology Office: TBA
- Nonlinear Waves  
- Agent-Based Modeling  
- Computational Methods  

Recent News

Upcoming Activities

Selection of Recent Past activities

  • June 2022: AWM Research Symposium, Mineappolis, MN. Presented: When curvature promote or obstructs the ability of a pacemaking region to drive activity in excitable tissue.
  • April 2022: Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Mathematical Science Colloquium (virtual). Presented: Traveling waves, reflections, and the onset of cardiac arrhythmia.
  • April 2022: Sonoma State University MATH Colloquium, Rohnert Park, CA. Presented: Modelling Population Migrations from Individual Decisions.
  • March 2022: IMACS: International Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations & Wave Phenomena, Athens, GA. Presented: Behavior of Spiral Wave Spectra with a Rank-Deficient Diffusion Matrix.
  • January 2022: Southern Methodist University, Department Colloquium (virtual). Presented: Exploring Migratory Patterns of Blue Whales with an Agent-Based Model.
  • January 2022: Dynamics Days Conference (virtual). Presented: Reflections in Excitable Media Linked to Existence and Stability of One-Dimensional Spiral Waves.